Statement enables you to easily communicate in-person when you can't talk out loud. Whether you're at a noisy concert, in a quiet classroom, or have trouble speaking, simply type your message and turn your phone around.

Hi there

This is Carrie and Todd, a couple of app designer and developer friends based in San Francisco, California. Recently, we developed an application to help Carrie's little sister Sarah better communicate with her peers.

Sarah is a stroke victim, and is sometimes hard to understand. She relies on family and close friends to repeat her words more clearly. With Statement, Sarah is able to type a quick message that can be read from afar. She loves the app because it alleviates awkward moments when she knows she's being misunderstood.


Since building the app, we've found that Statement can be useful in other situations too. We've used Statement to chat during a loud concert, pass a quick message during a conference call, and even overcome language barriers.

Some of the most important problems to solve don't have a business model. By donating portions of our weekends, we think we can make a difference building free apps that help people. Statement is simple, both in design and in code. We are capable of bigger projects, and we bet you are too.
Take up the challenge!